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LSP XII (2023) Poster Gallery

LSP XII (2023) Poster Gallery

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Thank you to the following instructors and staff for supporting our students with this project: Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Becky Richardson, Dr. Nissa Cannon, and Dr. Ruth Starkman. Please see the gallery below of outstanding work from the Leland Scholars Program’s twelfth cohort!

Click on the thumbnails to view full posters from LSP XII

Project titles and authors are listed below.

1. The Cost to Give Life: Mississippi's Maternal Mortality Crisis. What are the most efficient solutions to alleviate the maternal mortality crisis of Black Women in Mississippi?By: Marcelo Rueda, Diana Chavez, Erica Ngok, Ruben Carrazco, Pedro De La Torre

2. Equity in AI: Navigating Bias Through a Human-Centric Framework. Analyzing approaches and implementing a paradigm shift for unbiased and ethical artificial intelligence.By: Brandon Rodriguez, Nathaly Shige, Ose Okhihan, Stephanie Hurtado, Yohannes Aklilu

3. What's SUP? Relationship Between CFCs and Single-Use Plastics (SUPs).By: Rose Bracken, Ash Galeana, Kimberly May, Esmeralda Oliva, Amy Pham

4. Bars 2 Stars: How can society best mitigate the intergenerational transmission of trauma from Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS) on children living in minoritized communities?By: Seda Avetisyan, Billy Ramirez, Samuel Egboh, Iyọbosa Enabulele, Julia Wascher

5. A Non-Profit Proposal Post Affirmative Action: Developing Strategies to Support Undocumented Students Navigating the College Application Process.By: Ethan Alfonso, Sam Arias, Lindsay Flores, Isabel Martinez, Danyela Mendoza

6. Are Women Real? How the portrayal of women in the media affects the internal struggles and perceptions of young women.By: Mosope Aina, Telicia Darius, Isabella Lecher, Michelle Lopez-Martinez, Evelyn Pung

7. Educational Disparities: How Generative Models Widen the Gap for Low-Income Students.By: Giselle Alcantar, Arvind Asokan, Lilian Olukutukei, Mario Portillo, Tuvana Soronzonbold

8. Jumanji: Welcome to Setting Women Back Fifteen Years.By: Agnes Agoh, Aiden Turner, Fernanda Jimenez, Mckenzie Quinn, Minerva Pineda

9. A Redlined Spider Web: The Historical Effects of Redlining On the Health of Marginalized Communities & How It Exacerbated the Effects of COVID-19.By: Gio Gioisa, James Han, Anna Hun, Chris Lopez, Lita Moua

10. "You're not depressed, you're bored": An Analysis of Mental Health Accessibility Among Immigrants.By: Carol Aguilar, Irma Mendoza, Mahalit Sisay, Rubi Quinto, Ruby Saldivar

11. Lost in Translation: Exploring accessible translation methods to increase language concordance between healthcare providers and patients.By: Brenda Martinez, Chani Morales-Contreras, Ayushi Mohanty, Isabelle Peña, Bruklyn Williams

12. The Dark Truth Behind Tik Tok's FYP: How is China weaponizing Tik Tok to promote the ideals of their Social Credit System?By: Amesha Banjara, Efrain Angon-Cruz, María Fernanda León, Marco Rodrigues Paes

13. Stories Untold: Reclaiming Our History.By: Alexis Nunez, Daeson Prairie Chicken, Tamba Mbawa, Nhi Nguyen, Sadia Orpa

14. I'm a Child, Not Data to Collect: Evaluating current regulations on data privacy of children.By: Daisy Gonzalez Rivera, Duy Nguyen, Fadumo Jama, Sehrish Gohar, Sophia Awuzie

15. Bridging the Linguistic Gap Dividing Spanish-Speaking Patients and Their Physicians: Approaching Interpretation Services in Medical Settings Differently.By: Trin Nobles, Esmerelda Matias, Kandy Topete, Anthony Sifuentes, Nathalie Ayala

16. Are You the Problem?: How media portrayal of the Black Lives Matter Movement delegitimized and decentralized the Black experience.By: Ana Gray, Braydin Clostio, Jose Berdeja, Guillermo Molina, Bryan Gonzalez