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LSP IX (2020) Poster Gallery

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Due to the pandemic, this year’s program was virtual. However, students still completed their group research projects by creating digital posters. Thank you to the following instructors and staff for supporting our students with this project: Brian Cabral, Becky Tsang, Dr. Jennifer Schwartz-Poehlmann, Dr. Charlie Cox, Dr. Dana Paquin, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Meg Formato , Dr. Lisa Swan, Dr. Mutallip Anwar, Dr. Tara Diener, Dr. Jae Chung, Dr. Joe Garner, Dr. Jill Wentzell, and Dr. Jenae Cohn. Please see the gallery below of outstanding work from the Leland Scholars ninth cohort!

Poster Titles and Authors, From Top

  1. The Impact of Socioeconomic and Geographical Factors on the Quality of Perinatal Healthcare for Black Women in the U.S.

    Abranette Barry, Ashton Berg, Valeria Paez Pulido, Diana Sanchez
  2. Listen To My Pain: A Microscopic Examination of the Effects of Prenatal Stress on Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality Rates

    Justice Owah, Mario Gonzalez, Tina Truong, and Tracy Ha
  3. Pressures of Assimilation: Driving Bilingual Erasure

    Fernando Bravo, Briana Garcia, Vivian Huynh, and Hong Le Xuan Vo
  4. The implicit bias caused by language ideologies in doctor patient communication with multilingual patients which leads to barriers in treatment and inequitable health outcomes

    Jesus Paredes, Shriti Parajuli, Jasmine Narine, Xochilt Lorenzo
  5. Social Movements: Moving Forward with Lessons from the Past

    Fabián Valerio, Jacob Vanegas, Gradie Ngaruka, Matthew Trevino, Tinotenda Nyandoro
  6. Colorism in Film: Moonlight vs. The Hate You Give

    Jayda Alvarez, Lingarbel Brempong, Francesca Malayeri, Catherine Sarca
  7. Social Media and the Connected World

    Emily Liang, Karla Roman, Rachel Zila
  8. The New Surveillance Regime: The Uses and Hidden Threats of Facial Recognition Technology

    Angel Millard-Bruzos, Fatoumata Barrie, R.J. Moore, Itbaan Nafi, Jose Perez
  9. Big Data Infiltration: How Big Data Is Transforming Economic Systems

    Thomas Escudero, Proud Mpala, Ahmad Koya
  10. What Did You Just Say To Me? Addressing the Issue of Microaggressions in the College Classroom

    DeAndre Johnson, Charleny Martinez, Phuc Tran, and Emily Rodriguez
  11. Teaching for the Real-World: The Benefits of Student-Centered Teaching Practices

    Eyerusalem Alemu, Ava Bochner, Jonathan Donis, Ernesto Orellana
  12. Heteronormativity in the American Education System

    Charles Wynter, Destin Fernandes, Lyanne Pineda, Maixee Lee
  13. Marine Harmful Algal Blooms

    Kenny Hua, Maxwell Ojiambo, Sadorian Robertson, Alexis Vasquez
  14. How to Pop the Science Bubble

    Valeria Vega Yanez, Chanpichiny Ros, Sam Prieto and Adam Nance
  15. Bias in the STEM Sector

    Efrain Meza, Esau Veliz, Hillary Tran, Nhi Nguyen