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LSP students gathering

The LSP Summer Experience

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LSP has laid a foundation that will sustain me for the next four years of college.
-Scholar, LSP I, Class of 2016

Why Choose LSP?

The Leland Scholars Program (LSP) gives 60 incoming students the opportunity to become familiar with both the people and space that will become home for the next four years. Through classes and social programming, LSP creates a genuine community of first year students. In this communal atmosphere, you will get a jumpstart on your college career both socially and academically!

Who Can Apply?

  • Any incoming Stanford student who will be enrolling in their first quarter in the Fall
  • First-generation and/or low-income students, and those from under-resourced high schools are encouraged to apply, however these are not requirements to participate in LSP
    • First-generation: a student whose parent/guardian has not attained a U.S. bachelor's degree 
    • Low-income: students eligible for full or substantial financial aid, as defined by Financial Aid Office
    • Under-resourced high school: schools with limited advanced currciular options (e.g. Advanced Placement, IB, etc)

How Can LSP Benefit Me?


Leland Scholars have unparalleled academic opportunities.

  • Earn 2 course credits toward graduation
    • PWR 6 LSP - Our work together in this online course is focused on providing an introduction to critical reading, rhetorical thinking, academic writing, college-level research, crafting well-reasoned arguments and designing an ePortfolio. Through class discussions, readings, writing assignments, a collaborative research project, we will consider: What does it mean to write effectively? How can we best persuade others in the different situations that we encounter each day? How can we argue convincingly about ideas that truly matter to us, whether in the classroom, with friends, or in broader social contexts?
    • AND
    • UAR 44 - In this course, we will explore the fundamental mathematical concepts necessary for success in Calculus and higher level mathematics courses at Stanford University, with a focus on how such concepts are used in particular problem-solving contexts in Calculus and beyond. We will engage deeply with the mathematical concepts that form the foundation for problem-solving tools and techniques, so that students fully understand the how and why behind the methods, and are empowered to solve a broad range of problems in mathematics.
  • Gain experience with analytical writing and problem solving techniques in preparation for fall quarter
  • Interact with faculty who teach first-year introductory courses in hands-on, small group-oriented settings.
  • Develop small research projects with faculty mentors
  • Attend academic workshops developed exclusively for Leland Scholars intended to familiarize students with campus resources


Leland Scholars are a part of a community of like-minded scholars.

  • Learn from the experiences well-established upperclassmen
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue around various themes
  • Develop a true sense of belonging with your cohort
  • Participate in field trips, study halls, talent shows and more throughout the program

A Typical LSP Day

Daily commitments vary throughout the summer, but a typical day might look like this:

8:00am - 9:00am: Breakfast/Free Time
9:30am - 11:30am: Writing Course or Preceptor Talk/Group Discussions
12:30-1:30pm: Lunch/Free Time
1:30-3:30pm: Math Course
3:30-5:00pm: Academic Resources or Free Time
5:00-7:00pm: Dinner/Free Time
7:00-9:00pm: Study hall