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Course Credit for Summer and Academic Year

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Summer Courses

Over the summer, LSP residential schgolars will enroll in two courses (one-unit each) - a college-level writing course, a math problem-solving course, or a chemistry course, and a research course. These hands-on, small group-oriented courses focus on enhancing your analytical thinking, sharpening your problem-solving abilities, and developing scholarly research skills. For students who are unable to come to campus due to other responsibilities or commitments, there is a virtual offering, LSPxSOAR. Students enrolled in LSPxSOAR will take a one-unit math problem-solving and/or writing course that will be taught synchronously online. All courses are graded on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis. 

Fall Quarter Seminar (UAR 42A)

Leland Scholars participating in the summer program will enroll in a one-unit course during the fall quarter of their first year. This small, weekly seminar continues the themes of community from the summer while also preparing you to take advantage of your time at Stanford.

We welcome more first-year students to join the LSP cohort by opening the course enrollment to anyone who may not have been able to join the summer program and would like to become a part of this supportive and engaging community.