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LSP XI (2022) Poster Gallery

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Thank you to the following instructors and staff for supporting our students with this project: Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Becky Richardson, Dr. Nissa Cannon, Candice Kim, Dr. Meg Formato, Dr. Lisa Swan, , Dr. Jennifer Schwartz-Poehlmann, Dr. Nate Brown, Daniel Oluwalana, May Ling Har, Marisol Zarate, and Brandi Cannon. 

Please see the gallery below of outstanding work from the Leland Scholars Program’s eleventh cohort!

Poster Titles and Authors, From Top

  1. "There's nothing more debilitating about a disability than the way people treat you over it": Taking the Ableism out of AI

    Kevin Cordero, Andrew Kuik, Farah Tantawy, James Ubi, Daphne Yu
  2. Big Data Surveillance in Authoritarian China: Rising Economy, Social Credit System, and Liberal Majority

    Laura Bravo-Perez, Kathleen Clarke, Alvaro Diaz Ramos, Amber Yellow Horse
  3. The Forgotten Piece of the Green New Deal: Improving Climate Education Across U.S. Public Schools on the Basis of New Jersey’s Climate Curriculum

    Iman Deriche, Margarita Cordova, Eva Tatlock, Kimi Monforton
  4. A Robotic Frog Leap in the Wrong Direction: A synopsis of The Princess and the Frog and Wall-E

    Amiri Tate, Tsion Gebre, Edgar Diaz, Jesus Aispuro, and Katy Shin
  5. Assessing Affirmative Action in Higher Education

    Melody Chaclan, Esther Ceballo, Jia Lin & Rachelle Zavalza-Arellano
  6. Living On the Edge: The Real Consequences of Redlining in Access to Healthcare

    Jonathan Morales, Karen Ramirez, Augustin Khey, Ana Quiroz and Estefany Velasquez
  7. BUILD-A-BABY. The Legal and Ethical Implications of Gene Targeting: Where is the Line?

    Elise Baumgartner, Isidora Davis, Jesse Fonseca, Billy Meneses, Jason Shin
  8. HIV Treatments in South Africa: Comparing the Efficacy of PrEP and PEP in the 21st Century

    Fadie Arabo, Dilan Desir, Enrique Herrera, Hena Khan, & Ngoc Tran
  9. Boycott Grapes, Not Potatoes!: A Study of Dolores Huerta in the UFW Movement

    Brianna Alba, Giordana Montes, Kelly Benitez, Marcarious Amoah
  10. Language and Culture Loss: A Community Based Restorative Justice Approach to Indigenous Trauma

    Diego C, Rosie C, Mu H, Talha R, and Irene Y
  11. “Zero Tolerance”: The Catastrophic Impacts of Trump’s Family Separation Policy on Latinx Immigrant Youth

    Victor Albañez, Wendy Angeles, Vanessa Chiprez, Giuliana Martínez Albuja, Heather Tran
  12. Protecting Your Children: Evaluating Current U.S. Regulations on Pesticide Exposure and Their Impact on the Health of Children in Urban Settings

    Gwendolyne Aguilar, Alison Fajardo, Chris Gutierrez, Charlotte Cano, Eunice De Belen
  13. "Queer AND": The Struggle Among Queer Latinx Youth to Simultaneously Express Themselves and Conform to their First-Generation Families

    Angelina Rivas, Daniela Gomez, Destiny Tran, Rani Chor, Mark Rainier C.
  14. Save Our Crabs or It'll Leave Us in a Pinch: How Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions Harm Crabs and the Ocean Ecosystem

    Gerwin Mateo, Jason Navarro-Lopez, Nguyen Pham, Joshua Rocamora , Nancy Sanchez Delgado
  15. Rewriting History: Textbooks as a Tool to Perpetuate Racism

    Candace Cang, Chavi Coy, Elmer Santos, Claudia Sung
  16. (Un)bordering Technologies: What are the Impacts of Machine Learning Algorithms at the U.S.-Mexico Border?

    Angel Manuel De Dios, Anahi Estrada Gonzalez, Lee Qin, Lichu Acuña, Amsal Ali
  17. How to FLI High: Examining Educational Practices to Improve Learning for Low-Income Students in High School Science Classrooms

    Alex Nguyen, Dominique Ruedaflores, Heidy Munoz, Katelyn Santa Maria, Lorelei Santa Maria
  18. New Exigence: Evaluating Disney's Spectrum of Animated Racial Disembodiment

    Sherry, Danna, Michelle, Katelyn K, Akary