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Harry Elam with LSP students

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What are the dates of the 2021 summer program?

Saturday, July 31st to Saturday, August 28th. Students are expected to fully participate for the duration of the program.

2) What classes will be offered?

Over the summer, LSP students will be enrolled in two courses (1 unit each) - a college-level writing and research course and a math problem-solving course. Students will be placed in the math course based on their previous experiences with the course material and academic interests. See The LSP Summer Experience for course descriptions. These hands-on, small group-oriented courses focus on enhancing analytical thinking, sharpening problem-solving abilities, and developing scholarly research skills. The courses are graded on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis. The credits you receive from these courses do not replace any course requirements for the academic year (eg., you will still be required to take PWR during the academic year).

3) What will LSP be like this summer?

This summer, we are hoping to have an in-person program with some components being virtual. Depending on health conditions, the program may need to pivot to a remote experience. Each week of LSP will vary but generally, students will have classes or workshops for about 1.5-2 hours in the morning and the afternoon with a break in between. Every evening, there will be social events facilitated by student staff members. There will also be opportunities to meet campus partners, build academic skills, and learn about other resources Stanford offers its students. This program is rigorous and will require full participation throughout. 

4) Will I have to get fully vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to participate in LSP this summer?

All summer program participants will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 unless religious or medical exemptions have been granted in advance. The deadline to upload all immunization records to Vaden Health Center is July 23rd. For more information, visit the COVID-19 vaccine FAQs for undergraduate students. If there are concerns about being fully vaccinated before the start of LSP, please reach out to us at

5) Will a stipend be offered to scholars who participate in LSP?

Leland Scholars Program (LSP) is offering students a scholarship stipend of up to $800 to reduce your academic year earnings expectation to help you adjust to your first year experience. Students who have outside scholarships already replacing the academic year job expectation may use the $800 Leland Scholar stipend to reduce the purchase of a computer. The Financial Aid Office has information about the purchase of a computer here:

6) What happens after the summer program?

Leland Scholars participating in the summer program will enroll in a one-unit course during the fall and winter quarters of their first year. This small, weekly seminar continues the themes of community from the summer while also preparing you to take advantage of your time at Stanford. Student-led LSP Council holds at least one academic and one social event per quarter. Full-time LSP staff provide one-on-one and group advising opportunities for students.

7) How much does the program cost?

It is free! All costs to attend and participate in the summer are fully covered.

8) Who is eligible to apply?

Any Stanford student who will be enrolling in their first quarter at Stanford this fall is eligible to apply. We encourage first-generation and/or low-income (FLI) students and those from under-resourced high schools to apply, however those are not requirements to participate.

9) Are international students eligible to participate?

International students have been an important part of our programs for years but given the complications with traveling internationally due to COVID (eg., delays in visas, travel restrictions), it may be extremely difficult for international students to come to the US for the start of LSP in August (and return home at the end of the program). We encourage you to think carefully about these complications before applying. Please feel free to consult with us if you have questions by emailing

10) Can I apply to LSP and Stanford Summer Engineering Academy (SSEA)?

Yes, in fact you can apply to both programs using the same application! Please note that if you are selected, you will only receive an offer to participate in one program. Therefore, apply to both programs if you would be content with attending either.

11) How can students be involved if they are not selected for LSP?

During the fall and winter quarters, LSP hosts a weekly seminar for first-year FLI students.  We encourage you to enroll in the course and engage in other resources for FLI students.