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LSP X (2021) Poster Gallery

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Thank you to the following instructors and staff for supporting our students with this project: Candice Kim, Jenne Stonaker, Dr. Meg Formato, Jared Marx-Kuo, Dr. Jae Chung, Slava Naprienko, Dr. Lisa Swan, Sean Cotner, Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Dr. Joe Garner, Dr. Mutallip Anwar. 

Please see the gallery below of outstanding work from the Leland Scholars Program’s tenth cohort!

Poster Titles and Authors, From Top

  1. Achieving Eco-Librium: The impact of climate change on animals, indigenous people, and the ecosystem within the Arctic Tundra

    Grace Buzzell, Jen Nguyen, Joy Kim, Sabrina Deriche
  2. At Risk... Of Succeeding!

    Myrka Cruz, Skyley Mitchell, Mia Schaubhut, and Kimberly Zelaya-Gonzalez
  3. FLI College Students are Being Set Up to Fail: The Psychological Effects of Competitive College Culture

    April Pacheco, Lyzet Montanez, Laisha Ozuna, and Moises Jimenez
  4. Industrial Agriculture: The Dangers of Unsustainable Farming Practices

    Long Doan, D Fukunaga, Asia Goode, Lucia Quintanar
  5. Let's Plea to Make the Period Free

    Airin Brittany Valdez, Imgard Bonheur, Lizbeth Luevano, Mariel Camargo
  6. Mi Voto si Importa: The Effect of Misleading Political Rhetoric on Latine Voter Turnout

    Antonio Preciado, Dora E. Plascencia-Macias, Itzel Luna, Nkemjika Obi
  7. Princesses and Superheroes: One-dimensional vs multi-layered representation in children’s media

    Christopher Emodi, Esmeralda Iglesias, Cindy Muang, Eryn Perkins
  8. Profit Over People: A Deep-Dive into Insulin Unaffordability in the U.S.

    Winson Cheng, Anthony Farfan, Logan Gaines, Yvette Soto
  9. Race and Gender Stereotypes: What Google is Best At

    Scott Vu, Yosief Abraham, Annie Villalta, and Nissrin Gehawi
  10. Supporting Marginalized Communities by Combating Misinformation with Technology

    Susan Benites, Noor Hassan, Nathalie Moreno, Fathuma Mohamed
  11. The Double-Edged Sword: Facebook’s Data Collection’s Impact on Consumers

    George Birikorang, Stanley Rozenblit, Yousef AbuHashem, Cristian Aguilar
  12. The Guinea Pigs of America: Medical Mistrust Limiting Healthcare Access for the Black Community

    Caio Carcaioli Bonin, Kurt Enriquez, Marina Limon, Leslie Quintana
  13. The Role of Racism in Mental Health Access for Black Women

    Nicholas Macedo, Lina Mohamad, Angelica Perez, Michael Tu
  14. Underrepresentation in Film: Raya's Rumble with Representation

    Alexis Joy Viloria, Luiz Arturo Cruz, Rodrigo Alvarado, and Noah Macias
  15. Vogue: Houses, Ballroom, and an Unspoken Language

    Amaya Marion, Adan Marquez, Gilberto Tovar, Eduardo Garcia-Escobar