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Jesse Fonseca

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Hey everyone! My name is Jesse Fonseca (he/him) I'm a rising sophomore interested in mechanical engineering and sustainability (I also want to co-term in CompSci but refuse to consider it for my undergrad). I was part of the LSP XI cohort and I'm super excited to be back to welcome y'all!!

A bit about where I'm from, I grew up in Portland, OR, the city known for its natural spaces, waterfront views, and quirky culture (which not a complete exaggeration as one of our mottos is "Keep Portland Weird"). I've always enjoyed going on hikes, heading into downtown to peruse the city and visit the science museum, and trying out tons of food carts. In high school, I was a speech and debate kid who'd arguing on topics ranging from foreign arms policy to whether anime was better than manga. Speaking of nerdy topics, I'm always down to talk about Pokémon, video games, or my all-time favorite movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once. If you ever want to talk or have any questions, my door is always open! I can't wait to meet everyone. Welcome to the farm!

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