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Eyerusalem Alemu

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About Eyerusalem

Hi everyone :)) My name is Eyerusalem ('24), you can call me Eyerus, and I'm an international student from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I'm currently studying Human Biology with concetrations in human development and brain and behavior; I'm also hoping to minor in Symbolic Systems on a Learning path. Although I'm far from home, I'm involved in different communities on campus that make me feel at home. I'm part of SASA (Stanford African Student Association) and spend a lot of time at CAS (Center for African Studies) with friends. I also work with SWIM (Stanford Women In Medicine), work as a research assistant, but above all, I try to get involved in organizations that provide support for other students such as Bridge Peer Counseling, PEER facilitator at the SUPER office, etc. But that all gets to the core of what I love to do most: I spend a lot of my time exploring human connections and how we can create safe environments to encourage true vulenrability. I love reading poetry and hearing people's stories. I also like watching sport games with my friends and play football when I have time. I look forward to meeting you all, learning about your interests, and share mine <33